Powder; Plastic; Nylon Coatings

Our Powder, Plastic, and Nylon Coating services offer more than just durability and corrosion protection for your metal products; they provide a sleek, smooth finish that enhances their appearance.

With our attention to detail and commitment to customer service, you can trust us to bring your wire designs to life. Learn more about the different types of coatings available for your wire products.  Discover the possibilities today.

Powder Coating

Powder coating is a spraying application process for metal objects which uses a free flowing dry powder.  After a pre-treatment chemical clean an electrostatic gun is used to give a positive charge to the powder sprayed onto the object.  It is then cured under elevated temperatures of 200 degrees allowing the powder to melt and flow – cross-linking – into a uniform film which forms a hard coating as it cools.

The final result is a hard and durable smooth coating, approximately 0.31mm thick, which is ideal for both cosmetically enhancing the metal object inside and protecting it from corrosion.  We offer a wide variety of colours.

Plastic and Nylon Coating

Plastic & Nylon coatings use a fluidised bed of polymer powder.  After cleaning, the metal object is heated in an oven to 360 degrees – a temperature hot enough to melt the powder.  In the fluidiser tank a compressor blows air through a fine gauze into the powder, making polymer particles rise and bubble.  When the metal object is hot enough it is moved from the oven straight to the tank, immersed in the powder and held there until a layer of polymer has melted and adhered to the surface. It is reheated to ensure the powder has melted completely and evenly and then left to cool.

The end results give the metal a smooth shiny plastic coating, which is both wear and water resistant, thus preventing corrosion.

For plastic coating this is between 1.1mm and 1.6mm thick.

Standard colours available – black, grey and white.

For nylon coating this is approximately 0.63mm thick.

Standard colours available – black.