Welded Mesh Panels and Grills

We are a specialist manufacturer of custom-designed welded mesh panels. We will work to standard specifications or individual specifications provided by customers for private work and/or by designers, architects and engineers. We have the ability to fabricate almost any mesh gauge, pitch (aperture) and size in raw steel, pre-galvanised steel and stainless steel.

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Our set-up times and manufacturing rates are designed to work within a very short turn-around time to produce multiples of welded mesh products and have them ready for despatch directly to the customer.

Welding and construction is carried out by qualified New Zealand professionals. The mesh itself is manufactured here at our factory in New Zealand on a dedicated CNC Ideal GAM116 automated mesh making machine. We have direct control over weld temperature, duration and pressure to ensure that every single weld point is the strongest it can be and meets AS/NZS 1554.

Our facilities also include bending, rolling and folding panels to make a finished product such as guarding assemblies, balustrade inserts, framed panels, rock-baskets and gabions.

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